!! !! omg merchandise !! !!

omghoodie (8k image)Please notice the little link to the right where you can buy all kinds of very cute “omg” things at my new online store! There are tops for men and women, bags, and hats. Check out all the different ways you can support your favorite blog in style! Why not get a new !! omg hoodie !! just in time for the cold weather? Remember every item you buy helps me with my hosting costs, which have been rising dramatically in recent months thanks to all of you! Keep it coming.
XOXO Frank

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4 Comments on "!! omg merchandise !!"

  1. What about doggie clothes?

  2. hmm that is a thought. They only have girls underwear right now, but I guess if there are some girls who want it…

  3. How about OMG underwear!!!

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