!! A bouquet of rosebuds !!

bottomsup (29k image)Bottoms Up is the newest must-have “art” book for any fitness-minded gay with a coffeetable:
Photographer David Sprigle has conducted a 10 year photographic study of naked young men in the classic yoga pose Ananda Balasana, also known as “Happy Baby.” Each man in this happy state reveals an expression that is uniquely his own. Vulnerable, intimate, beautiful and very sexy, each photograph conveys the many moods of this private position: joy, power, humor, fear and openness.
As they say, an upturned anus is worth a thousand erotic short stories. Buy the book from TLA. (via Gay Sex Blog)

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  1. Big Gay Road Trip: Davie Street

    Daytime brought us some new views of Vancouver that didn’t involve a man girating around under a stream of water (thank goodness!), and of course we devoted an afternoon to wandering around Davie St., the center of Vancouver’s “gay village”…

  2. OMG! That’s totally my favorite pose. If you really stretch and hold the pose, you can feel this like insane sensation, like your pelvis just exploded.
    But it isn’t a sexy pose. I mean, they call it "happy baby" for a reason: it makes the yogi look like they’re an infant on a changing table, waiting for Mommy to give ’em a good wipe with a ‘Wet One.’
    Infantalizing, yes. Sexy, no.

  3. I love how this resulted in a yoga ad at the bottom of the page. Context sensitive indeed.

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