!! A gay victory !!

happened yesterday when a bill sponsored by Christine Quinn, everyone’s favorite lesbionic City Council Member, and Speaker Gifford Miller that would require all organizations doing more than $100,000 worth of business with the city to provide their employees with domestic partner benefits finally became law (file in .pdf format). The bill had been vetoed by Mayor Bloomberg and yesterday was the 15th time the Council has overridden the mayor’s veto power. At least Peter Vallone Jr. was on his side; maybe Vallone should move to Georgia and run for the US Senate now that Zell Miller is relinquishing his role as most audaciously conservative faux Democrat in the US Congress.
Gothamist has an interesting take on the mayor’s relationship with gay issues, discussing how he “wants to support” the bill, but is feeling pressure from the Republican Party to take a hardline stance against the gays. Well the mayor may also “want to” lick my butt, and I extend the invitation, as long as he does it in public and with much fanfare.

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