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movie has been added to my list after watching Christina Ricci’s Pumpkin on Sunday. Besides making lots of really offensive R-word jokes, depicting unrealistically opulent sorority settings, and allowing certain characters (mainly Janine, Christina Ricci’s crazy roommate) to push the envelope with freaky facial expressions, Pumpkin had a great soundtrack, waxed very successfully sentimental at times, and forged new ground in bringing the issue of disabled sexuality into the (straight-to-video) mainstream movie market.

While Ari and I were writhing in agony as Caroline (Christina Ricci), her sexy tennis-star boyfriend, Cece the fat girl, and Pumpkin the boy with the learning disability, were sitting awkwardly on the beach on a “double date” that Caroline had arranged, and I understood why Cece ran off in tears when she realized that

Christina had set her up with Pumpkin, I also felt like she should have given him a chance. It was mocking, but the joke was undercut by the setup of previous scenes, by Pumpkin’s big, blue eyes (and general sexiness), and by Christina Ricci’s earnestness, which though naive on the one hand, points to a deeper understanding on the other. Totally complex.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the movie is dotted with over-the-top gestures like Caroline’s sexy boyfriend driving off a cliff and his car exploding in a ball of fire, only for him to end up in the hospital later without a scratch, but poignantly unable to walk. There were also a couple close-up screaming shots that I enjoyed. Oh and did I mention Janine’s crazy hair? I was smiling at the end of the movie, but I may have sniffled once or twice during it, and not only because there were Belle and Sebastian songs on the soundtrack. I hope that Christina Ricci isn’t too anorexic to produce more movies, because this one was pure quality. Plus she looked GREAT in that bikini!

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