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I’ve been known to google “army porn” on occasion, maybe hoping to find one of those hidden locker room webcam sites or something, or really anything but photos of a blond go-go boy with a camouflage hat and a shaved ass. I think army porn, up until now, has been considered without much argument to be a gay fetish, sort of like firemen, construction workers, and other male archetypes. This all changed today with the breaking news of Pfc. Lynndie England’s marathon army orgy. A reservist from West Virginia, England is best known for her role as the girl holding the leash around the neck of the Iraqi prisoner in photos released last week. Before that, I think she may have done amateur porn, or maybe her parents just hoped when they named her that she would some day.
The Post ran a story today that is both horrifying and pretty hilarious, with quotes like this one:
“Almost everybody was naked all the time,” another lawmaker said. (NY Post)
I know I’ve seen a video like this before… Oh yeah, it’s called Young Cadets and it’s put out by some Eastern European porn hack. It’s full of sexy bodies, but is otherwise uninspired and pretty unhot in every way. What it needs is a passionate, young firecracker to liven up the action, someone who can take on several penises at the same time with aplomb. If Miss England can get away with a reprimand instead of fifteen years in prison, she might have an acting career waiting for her.

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