!! A Safe Place? !!

refugestaff (40k image)
Would you trust these four men with your effeminate thirteen-year-old? What if they told you they love only Jesus? What if they were running your troubled teen’s new Christian gay deprogramming summer camp? The place is called Refuge: A Safe Place, but I’m not sure how safe any adolescent boy could feel under those hungry gazes.
Unfortunately for sixteen-year-old Zach (who [will someday be] very sexy), he is there right now following a less-than-optimal coming-out to his parents. He has started a blog that describes the horrors within, but might be prohibited from posting in the future. Actually, I’m not quite sure how he was allowed to post in the first place. Even if he is playing a giant prank, it’s all for the greater good. (via Sisterstalk)

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  1. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, but I guess I do find it surprising that ex-gays run those facilities. Seems like a bad idea.

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