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Do you ever receive those emails from foreign nationals in need of assistance transferring huge sums of money using an American bank account? My heart always goes out to them, but I am usually too busy buying bushels of Viagra and looking at page after page of sexy teenage pussy to respond in a timely manner.
Frustrated by the lack of response, one African with millions in the bank has taken it upon himself to make his plea by video. Watch it here. (via Rhizome.org)
It seems that showing some skin is the growing trend among those from other continents asking for help in their complicated financial transactions, if this post is any indication. I believe this could be the beginning of the convergence of all spam emails. Artificially-erect, Rolex-peddling, underage Nigerian porn stars who want your bank information? Some day.

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4 Comments on "A Spamologue"

  1. That’s what I’ve always been confused about. Aren’t they supposed to send YOU money? Like millions of dollars?

  2. I totally saw some 20/20 that exposed this shit. It was so hot. Some stupid bitch actually send an "official" $25,000

  3. Thank you! Are you Kennedy the Republican and former MTV veejay? (http://www.theadvocates.org/celebrities/kennedy.html)

  4. Great looking site!

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