!! A touch of class in the White House !!

geena (26k image)My fantasy female President shares a few qualities with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (e.g., killer instinct, wears lots of make-up, doesn’t let the men in her life push her around), but the rest I find lacking in all of the most-talked-about potential candidates for the 2008 race. What candidate possesses the ability to throw knives while chopping vegetables, a knack for swashbuckling with the deadliest of pirates, a homerun swing, and true hollywood glamour?
According to the Washington Post, the woman for the job is Condoleezza Rice, since she exploded like bad shrimp onto the international scene in February wearing hooker boots and a black trenchcoat for her appearance at Wiesbaden Army Airfield. While the Post may find that “sexy” and “powerful,” this independent news source finds it a complete disaster, leading us to the obvious choice for President: Actress and Democratic Activist Geena Davis (as endorsed by Republican mouthpiece Matt Drudge!). Ms. Davis will star in ABC’s new political drama, “Commander-In-Chief,” this fall.

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