!! A victory for women everywhere !!

It’s been ruled that a bar in Cherry Hill, NJ can continue to have its Ladies Night even though some guy sued them for gender discrimination. I applaud this important step forward in the ongoing battle against sexism and slap the hand of the stupid gay that started this whole mess. Viva la donna!

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2 Comments on "A victory for women everywhere"

  1. LADIES NIGHT is an important symbol of feminine freedom: a place where the fairer sex can band together, dance together, get wasted, and really express their womanhood in an environment where only the RICHEST men will pay to enter and thus ensure a very profitable union for any lady lucky enough to snag one.

  2. Getting more women into the bar for cheap so that men can come and spend lots of money oogling them: a step forward in the battle against sexism? More like establishing an environment for it’s cultivation. "We’ll get them good and drunk….."
    Course, were I more of a Lady I probably wouldn’t mind. Catcalls and a good groping is a small price to pay for unlimited G and T.

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