!! A world without limits !!

makeupcouple (33k image)Being a busy, rich man is such hard work that one often doesn’t have even one spare minute to find a date for a ski trip to Aspen! What about that party for which you “forgot to find a date”? And if you did find a date, what if she turned you down because the back of your shirt was wet with perspiration from all your stressful businessman activities and she finds that “gross”?
Don’t fret, because the Millionaire Connoisseur’s Club takes on all the worry at your expense! All you have to do is pay enormous non-refundable fees and they will use your money to purchase “complementary” plane tickets for you to fly to Palm Beach and discuss dating with their dating experts. Then, after your initial session, you can search their exclusive database of women who are not allowed to say “no” and bring whichever lovely lady you like to your hotel room or to the altar: your choice! Plus you will get invited to parties! So far the Millionaire Connoisseur’s Club doesn’t actually have any ladies to choose from, but if you would like to help them find some, there might be some cash in it for you.

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  1. This is really funny, because I’m actually a member of this service and have been for quite some time. I’ve met several attractive and successful men through it, this blog is really BS. I don’t know what the author is talking about, but the Millionaire Connoiseur’s Club has been great to me!

  2. This was written by someone who was completely misinformed and misled by what we do and what kind of
    services we offer. I understand that you have your own opinion about our service, but I think you should have read our web site more carefully and taken time to understand the concept of Millionaire Connoisseur’s Club.
    Yes, we do charge an enormous amount of money for our services, but we are worth it! And yes, some men (believe it or not) have a hard time finding the right woman on their own. That’s where our
    expertise comes in. We take great pride in what we do, and since the rate of divorces keeps going up, it seems like people are still picking the wrong mates, for the wrong
    reasons. We do our job with great integrity, and we turn many people away, as their intentions are not what we agree with. We believe in quality, not quantity. Who is to
    say that finding the love of your life isn’t worth a

  3. Ashley Madison helps you cheat on your wife

    For those successful working professionals for whom the Millionaire Connoisseurs Club is just a touch too classy, perhaps they would feel more at home with the Ashley Madison Agency. They provide a range of solutions that can help you “when monogamy b…

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