!! Aaron Carter loves his boys !!

Aaron Carter shirtless naked nude photo
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After working up a healthy 18-year-old sweat, teen popthing Aaron Carter likes to pass his wet t-shirts to eager male fans and then sign autographs for them. Call it giving back to the community that’s given him so much.

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29 Comments on "Aaron Carter loves his boys"

  1. hey Aaron man your totally hot! and i wanna be your boyfriebd!

  2. Hey aaron, nice 2 c u again after such a long time.wow! U hav transformed completely.luvd dis change.and do say hi 2 nick from my side. U both r cute n very talented n nice guys.luv u 2!

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  7. OMG! he is so freakin hot, if anyone has nude pix of him send them to me please

  8. Don’t want to sound redundant, but… I really would kill for some nude pictures! OMG HE IS SO HOT!

  9. lol well i worked at a tannign salon he came into. i snuk a peak. he has very large balls lol!!!

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  14. cute_curious_guy | November 14, 2007 at 4:41 pm | Reply

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  17. Have you and Jesse ever have sex?

  18. mmmm… yummy that boy has the looks and the coock wat more could u ask 4?

  19. i think he’s so hot

  20. Um, too bad he’s signing an autograph for the GIRL in front of him and that’s his tour manager Marc. Nice try though!

  21. hes hot! I’M SINGLE AND GAY

  22. I Love Aaron Carter, he’s the hottest singer.

  23. I’m still in love with Aaron Carter.

  24. damn that boy is fine !!!

  25. Shaun Michaels | April 2, 2007 at 5:29 am | Reply

    Hes hot,has anger issues,spotty if u watched house of carters(what a fucked up family that is!)Hes legal now,so we can lust after him all we want. Id be his cumdump whenever he wanted! Yummy,yummy,yummy I want Aaron Carters cum in my tummy!!!LOL!!!

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  27. Kevin Sherburne | March 23, 2007 at 3:48 am | Reply

    Aaron just gets hotter and hotter with age. Much like a very fine wine. I’m a top but would bottom for him anytime

  28. Yeah he does look pretty good. I think it’s because his face is tilted down.

  29. That’s the way to go, Aaron. Giving the shirt off your hot back. WOOOF.

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