!! Aaron Stone(d) !!

There is a strange resemblance between Actress Sharon Stone and Most Popular Pop Star Aaron Carter. Could young Aaron already be following in the footsteps of his friend Michael Jackson to look more like a strong, successful female that he admires?

For her part, Stone has allegedly never had plastic surgery, and will sue anyone who says they performed it on her. Nor is she a pothead.

sharonaaron01 (58k image)

In other news: Hermès apologized to Oprah for causing her “Crash” moment last week. Oprah plans to talk about it in the fall on her show, and viewers will totally be able to relate, since everyone tearfully remembers the time they had to return their 13th $6000 Hermès Birkin bag because of racism.

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2 Comments on "Aaron Stone(d)"

  1. That’s sort-of creepy. He copies womens hair cuts.

  2. That’s NOT RIGHT!!!!! But it sure is hilarious! Good job….:)

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