!! Adbrite and Drivecleaner ads !!

Recently I pinpointed the cause of those nasty Drivecleaner spyware installations some of you have been complaining about. They were caused by an exploit with Adbrite ads, so as a solution I have disabled that adstrip indefinitely. I urge anyone who uses Adbrite to do the same, as they have no way of stopping people from embedding spyware into their text ads.
UPDATE: The real cause of the Drivercleaner ads was a sneaky Flash-based ad in my Blogads strip. Once I figured it out, the Blogads folks were quick to remove the offending code. I have since disabled all Flash-based ads on my site, so this should never happen again.
I’m sorry for any grief the spyware has caused you all. Please make sure to let me know if you experience it going forward (you shouldn’t, but if you do, I need to know)!
Also, on that boring “blog maintenance” note, if you haven’t filled out my reader survey, please do so if you can. It’s really valuable for my advertisers, and they are the ones who keep the naked men and cute kitties coming every weekday. It only takes a few minutes, and if you’re really pressed for time you can skip the second half. Take the survey here.

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14 Comments on "Adbrite and Drivecleaner ads"

  1. Okay, it’s Monday May 21 at 5pm and I think I found the real cause of the Drivecleaner ads. It was a Flash ad in my Blogads strip for something called “Travel Tray” that wasn’t a real site at all, but rather a decoy to propagate Drivecleaner ads.
    So I got rid of it and things should be fine. Please clear your cache and let me know if you are still getting the pop-ups. They really should be gone now.
    Official apology to Adbrite forthcoming.
    xo Frank

  2. Just got one at 2:05pm 5-20-07

  3. Still happening on Sunday at 1:05 p.m.

  4. Still getting the Drivecleaner Ad. (May 20th 2:43AM)

  5. just got an ad 5/18/07 3:35pm PST

  6. May 18, still getting them.

  7. Still getting it too… 10:27am (CST).

  8. I’m still getting them at Thursday 11:35 PST.

  9. Thanks, Frank… Love ya for taking care of that little old problem!

  10. Yeah, I’m still getting them too :/

  11. For those of you still getting the pop-ups, I first suggest that you clear your browser cache.
    Second, it could take up to 24 hours for the Adbrite-free version of !! omg blog !! to propagate across the entire Internet.
    Thanks for bearing with me through this! xo Frank

  12. Just logged on and got spywear pop- ups. 9:56 am EST.

  13. Just logged on 9:54 am on May 17th.
    Still getting the spywear pop ups.

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