!! Almost as scary as Y2K !!

Buy extra food, batteries, flashlights, and make sure you do laundry before August 29, when the biggest natural disaster of the year is coming. Watch out!
As I write this, I’m half-listening to a live debate on NPR between Howard Dean and Ralph Nader on the topic of third parties. While it is ultimately pretty inconsequential, I still have a special place in my heart for my old governor/last year’s summer occupation. Plus Ralph Nader is a boob and I like hearing him get crucified over the fact that his entire campaign is staffed by hardline conservatives. Maybe Nader can convince Britney Spears to hold a benefit concert for him at Madison Square Garden as soon as her “leg heals“.

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2 Comments on "Almost as scary as Y2K"

  1. Wasn’t that debate great? And to Nicole, Nader sucks.

  2. Nader fucking rocks!
    (no, I’m not kidding)

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