!! Am I seeing double? !!

karinalombardplayboy (70k image)
Having already toyed with every heart on The L Word, Karina Lombard (Marina Ferrer to those still mourning her departure) is now poised to toy with ours in the July issue of Playboy. She will be a “double feature” in the sense that she will appear in all sorts of compromising positions… with herself. Through the use of digital photo editing, she will be the butch and the femme, and she has only her own dignity to violate, so who knows where she will stop?
The photos have just been posted today to Playboy‘s website, so for those of you who can’t wait two more weeks, the only thing between you and two naked Marinas is some sort of membership. Indulge if you must.
As a side note, apparently Karina Lombard is one-half Native American, Lakota specifically. A couple of her Native American fans are very excited about her Playboy appearance, as it will “certainly be great exposure.” I think there is a pun in there somewhere…

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3 Comments on "Am I seeing double?"

  1. I just saw the news on Planet Out. I came across your blog trying to see if anyone posted the pictures to the net yet.

  2. Mmmm…

  3. Never quit go to:
    and look for the link to the petition for Showtime to kiss Karina Lombard and beg for her return to the L Word. We have over 7786 signatures on one petition and another petition with over 800 signatures. No One can ignore numbers like that.

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