!! And they will carry on !!

their noble mission, even through hardship. Below is a piece of !! omg blog !! exclusive content obtained from an anonymous source. It is a memo from MTV President Judy McGrath that was sent yesterday to all MTV Employees regarding the boobtastic “cultural flashpoint” that occurred during halftime at the Super Bowl. Even through the tone of panic in this letter I can tell that to Judy, it’s really all about the music.
To: MTV Employees
From: Judy McGrath
Date: February 4, 2004
Re: Super Bowl Halftime
This is a great creative organization, with a lot of integrity, and it always will be. You all make certain of that every day.
We have a lot in common. We share a deep love for MTV, and for all the musicians who make it their homebase. And I also know that because our whole organization cares about doing the right thing, the true thing, and the most relevant, inspired work, the last several days have been incredibly painful.
During the last few seconds of the halftime event, we were completely hijacked. Nobody knew it was coming, and it has become a cultural flashpoint. We were, without our knowledge, placed in the most untenable position, and we all feel it.
From the start, the executive production team took on this event with the intention of integrating a deeper message…to take the Choose or Lose banner, one of our proudest achievements, and wrap it around a

diverse collection of artists who are part of the popular culture today. To use our clout to encourage people to participate in the coming election, to choose to be involved in whatever issue matters to them, to consider what we explore routinely on MTV…from ending prejudice, to fighting AIDS in Africa. They worked hard on a very complicated production, with typical diligence and professionalism.
I’m proud of all of them.
So now we find ourselves, unintentionally, the center of another cultural dialogue..and yet, free and healthy cultural debate is part of what MTV represents.
We believe that everyone, every day, in our whole company, sets out with the best intentions…. and that is apparent in our work, 24/7. This production was no exception, and many people worked incredibly hard to support it. We have a great, strong organization, and we will get through this.

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