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Continuing in the vein of Friday’s post, I would like to put out a question: how successful are terrorists in terrifying us? Those wearing these new and attractive “We’re Not Afraid” t-shirts would have us believe that Londoners and city-dwellers around the world remain fearless and defiant in the face of being blown to pieces on the subway. The creator of the site is so unafraid that he has put his home address, phone number, and email address on the Internet. He must be hoping that those he is defying don’t have web browsers.
Conversely, some realists in London are f*cking terrified (via Attu), as I would be if I were in New York right now. Yesterday’s bomb scare in Penn Station will surely not be the last of the summer.

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  1. I do live in London (Ealing) and I work near Oxford Circus and have for ten years. The "Sainsbury Bomber" missed me as did the IRA and so did the "Nail-Bomb Guy" in Soho. I refuse to be afraid of anyone who would use this kind of scare tactics and say "Screw You" to them. I travel every day by tube (in London it is unavoidable) so just won’t be made to feel frightened. Dave L

  2. I do live in New York, just not this summer. I’m in the haven of Canada for one more month, and I’m going to be as non-paranoid as possible to make up for my homecoming to retinal scans in the subway station.

  3. I’m not one for overeaction but damn I’m a little nervous about my upcoming trip to NYC. This is one of the few times I’m happy to live in a relatively unknown Southern city (Savannah, Ga).

  4. If you lived in NYC, you’d be a hardass MF and you’d be grabbing your crotch and shouting, "Yo! Terrorise this! Fugeddaboudit!"

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