!! As one star fades… !!

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A couple weeks ago, Helmut Lang resigned from his own label, which had been acquired by Prada in October 2004. Apparently there were creative differences between Lang and Patrizio Bertelli, chief something-or-other of Prada and husband to Miuccia.
Grave 01Grave 02
In memory of Helmut, some mysterious devotees left a small placard/tombstone and a bouquet of white flowers outside his flagship store on Greene St. I interpreted it as an act of grieving, but also one of hope that he will surface again soon.
As Helmut Lang leaves the fashion world hanging, and even his upcoming fashion shows are cancelled, there is someone ready to step into the spotlight left so blaring and empty by his absence: Howard Dean has secured enough votes to take over the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Despite protests from the likes of monster robot-lady Nancy Pelosi and pro-life fake Democrat Harry Reid, Dean is going to replace outgoing chair (and spineless traitor) Terry McAuliffe in one of the most influential positions within the Democratic party. Go get ’em, Howard! We’ll be watching you closely.

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