!! At least he won’t have to eat bugs !!

richhatch (30k image)Having just mailed in my application for Survivor, I’ve spent some time considering every aspect of participating in the show, from what motivates me and others to apply, to how uncomfortable it will be to sleep on the ground for a month, to how I can win the reward challenge that yields the most Oil of Olay bodywash. Of course, when responding to the question that asked for my number one reason I wanted to be on Survivor, I responded, “The $1 million, of course.” What I really meant is the $1 million that is actually $500,000 after taxes.
So I can sort of understand why Richard Hatch decided not to declare his Survivor winnings to the IRS, because cosmetic surgery (don’t call it “liposuction”) is pretty expensive, even when it’s discounted.
Unfortunately, Hatch is perhaps the highest profile Survivor ever, and whatever convinced him that the government wouldn’t check up on his huge prize check is a mystery to me. At least he’s pleading guilty, so maybe his sentence will be reduced. And I guess jail is better than living on an island, even though he probably won’t be able to go naked without getting beat up.

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