!! Attack of the fans! !!

The Internet has come to the defense of Aaron Carter for the second time in just over a week! Fans have had enough of the gay rumors and negative comments about his talent and haircut. However, they all seem to come to my site by searching for “aaron carter nude” or “aaron carter shirtless” on Google, so I guess naughty photos are still okay in their book! Today I received an impassioned letter from “Rachel,” his truly biggest fan ever, for real:
ok, seriously, i agree w/ that amanda girl. ive met aaron…lets see….14 times and he’s teh nicest guy you’ll ever meet. and how the f*ck can you say he’s gay or even think it when he dates GIRLS? i guess you’re the true fag-ass here. yea, he DID do pot, but if you got your facts straight and watched any tv at all, you’d know that thoses were taken when he was 15, and he is now almost 18. no longer does pot either, but i bet you do, comming up with all this shit. you do know that only people who really have no life, you know, the people like you who should f*ck off and die, never really do anything. you’re just a lazy fat ass who gets kicks out of making fun of celebs. who, unlike you, have talent, money, personality, and most of all A LIFE! ever hear teh freen day song FOD? well it applies to go. go listen. and while your at it, take teh song seriously and do exactly what its. says. F*CK OFF AND DIE!
First of all, I would like to say that Freen Day is my absolute favorite band ever and I have met them 15 times! Eat that, Rachel! Second of all, I am not fat.
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6 Comments on "Attack of the fans!"

  1. Oh Gail, you always make me blush.


  3. That’s frickin’ hilarious. Fans like this are the ones I enjoy adding to my Fan Suck page.
    Did you write "Rachel" back and tell it that the word is "THE", not "TEH"?
    I never can understand how the idiots who are SO INTO these celebs can’t even take the time to defend them like a literate human being.

  4. Poor TB’s revolved round their TV lives, thinking that its all true. Yup, coz u know, celebrities really act and look like that in real life just like on TV!! Duh, of course! How did we not know that?!?!?! Shame on us!

  5. Aw thanks for the words of encouragement, Lauren. I for one believe that everything I watch on REALITY TV is true… maybe we should all just stick to that.

  6. Is that person trying to be cool by spelling a simple three-letter word incorrectly? I love the line "but if you got your facts straight and watched any tv at all"…implying that everything one sees on television is true. Because we all know that EVERYTHING on tv is true…yup. And how do you know that those ‘girls’ he dates are all actually real relationships? For all you know, they could be a veil, hanging over the real truth…a nice example of this would be Nick and Jessica. This guy is completely free to write what he wants, and I think Frank is awesome for doing it. Keep it up, and teenyboppers, isn’t it past your bedtime? And don’t you need mommy and daddy’s permission to read things with bad words in it? That’s what I thought. (ps, you teenyboppers need some new insults…the ones you’re all using are so lame!)
    Frank, keep up the awesome blogging!

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