!! Award shows are the dumbest !!

thing, but the Billboard Music Awards are by far the worst because they are preempting The OC tomorrow! I had even made plans with my friends to watch it together and play the Game of Life. I guess we’ll still get together and you know, like not watch TV or something. At least I’ll have company in my Wednesday night depression. Anyway, I can look forward to the second to last episode of Survivor this Thursday leading up to the finale on Sunday. Both episodes ought to be interesting, because I refuse to believe the rumors that Darrah will win. I’m rooting for Sandra all the way because she is the first Survivor in history to hide in the bushes even once, and she did it like three times! Incidentally, these two ladies have the best audition videos of the bunch and you really should give them a watch.
On another note, in the afterglow of Al Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean, I went petitioning (to get Dean on the ballot in NY State) tonight at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and got my best signature yield yet. I was a little worried going into it, knowing that everyone on Staten Island is a Republican, but after targeting primarily black people and hippies, I got all fifteen signatures necessary to fill my sheet. Yay! To celebrate I came home and watched the latest DNC debate, this time hosted by a snarky Ted Koppel, on C-SPAN, which was followed by Howard Dean’s speech with Al Gore in Iowa earlier today. After watching it all, I came away wishing that Dennis Kucinich had a shot at the nomination, but since he doesn’t, I guess I can still feel good about my paltry contribution to the Dean campaign and renew my energy in riding this juggernaut to its glorious finish.

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  1. oh my gosh, we both have the same horrible taste in reality/soap opera television!

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