!! Baseball bats and rollerskates make !!

any gang a lot more fun to watch! At my friend Eleanor‘s recommendation, I finally saw The Warriors last night. It is this movie about wild and crazy New York City gangs that has inspired lots of very devoted fans. The plot, in short: every major gang goes up to Yankees Stadium for an unprecedented peaceful meeting, where Cyrus, the leader of the largest gang in the city, makes a speech about cooperation and taking over the city one neighborhood at a time. Someone shoots Cyrus as he is speaking and the Warriors, a gang from Coney Island and the protagonists of the film, get blamed. The Warriors bust ass for Coney Island with every other gang at their heels trying to bring them to justice even though they didn’t actually commit the crime.
The movie is completely awesome, and not only because the Warriors are very sexy and wear leather vests over their bare chests, but also because of Mercy, the slutty female sidekick they pick up along the way, and because of the black lady radio DJ that puts all the gangs on their heels who also happens to the “Chief” from Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? the gameshow. Also fun to watch is all the gangs that each have their own unique uniform, such as the mime gang and the crazy baseball player gang. This movie is definitely worth watching, but maybe not as much as the FALL PREMIERE OF THE OC WHICH COMES ON TONIGHT AT 9PM ON FOX!! OMG!! Also, if omg blog isn’t enough OC blogging action for you, check this out.

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