!! Bastards go home! !!

frank_irreverent (38k image)
This courageous act of defiance was captured yesterday as I personally faced off against Republican delegates in Central Park. Just kidding.
But the march yesterday was the most satisfying that I’ve ever taken part in. The police weren’t dressed in riot gear and they weren’t being assholes. We were also allowed to march directly in front of Madison Square Garden, even though it was apparently empty as delegates were only just arriving in New York yesterday. However, we did get to scream obscenities at one of the hotels where they were staying, so that was a plus.
And the best part is that newspapers are actually writing about it and including aerial photography, which is unusual (check out the Times photo of all the coffins). 500,000 people… crazy! I have some protest photos that I’m sure you will find fascinating as soon as I upload them to an Ofoto album. It may be tomorrow before that happens because of secret plans I have today that I cannot divulge.

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