!! Beer saves lives !!

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This pair of articles from The Register illustrates how beer is good for humans in two entirely different ways. A couple weeks ago, some Japanese scientists concluded that non-alcoholic beer reduces the risk of DNA damage by up to 85% in lab mice. It could be premature to start calling beer a “cure for cancer,” but why not? I’m going to start my medication as soon as I get off work!
In a related story, last week a Slovakian man used beer to escape near death when his car was buried in an avalanche. He happened to have 60 bottles of beer in his car (for “holiday,” uh huh), which he drank and then peed out to melt the snow down as part of a systematic escape strategy. Good work, sir!
Perhaps if Senator Clinton had been drinking her beer, she could have avoided that embarassing little fainting spell this morning.

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3 Comments on "Beer saves lives"

  1. Oh good, I was worried for a second.

  2. That’s not me. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. is there a giant keg hovering over you, about to open and rain beer down into your mouth? that really is the only possible explanation for that facial expression.

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