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from Pennsylvania! Amber Brkich, winner of Survivor: All Stars, has donated her bikini to a museum! In order to preserve the historical significance of the item, the museum curators requested that Amber wear the bikini on an island for 39 days without showering before making the donation. They also encouraged her to run laps and do many jumping jacks in the bikini, rendering it more valuable to the small museum, where a small hand-operated water pumper from 1836 will be sitting alongside Amber’s sweat-stained Lycra. Until now, the museum had mainly housed items related to the town’s history of firefighting, which is convenient since there were probably a few fires to put out in the pants of Amber’s many gentleman-admirers, who like her despite the fact that she is the most boring Survivor contestant of all time and her last name is missing a vowel.
In blogosphere news, my friend James has started a blog called Hurricane James. Just make sure to include the hyphen in the URL or you will be taken to a blog of the same name that has no text but rotating dirty, gay photos. I can’t be sure, but I suspect that James is behind that one as well…

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  1. I guess we’ll all be waiting for the smut to arrive on your new site then. I would like to put in a request right now for more analingus shots.

  2. You’re right, I’m like the blog Mother Nature causing every Hurricane James.

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