!! Black Box Voting !!

Diebold, the electronic voting company, is in some hot water lately as a result of some leaked internal memos that revealed critical flaws in their voting software that could enable vote tampering. Apparently they knew about the flaws and decided to release the software anyway, maybe planning to fix them later. Fixing them later is really easy because they don’t password protect the databases so pretty much anyone can alter the information stored there (read: the voting results) and leave no trace of having done it.

These flaws were first exposed by Bev Harris, author of the soon-to-be-released book Black Box Voting. Since then, the story has received some press, in Salon last month and recently in Wired News, which talks about a group of college students who are doing their best to shine a light on this potentially huge disaster.

At the center of the controversy are the memos themselves, which Diebold is desperately trying to keep from the public eye. The company has been issuing cease and desist orders to any websites hosting or linking to the incriminating documents. Unfortunately for them, this is completely impossible and they are stupid to even try. Read the memos for yourself here.

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