!! Blondes don’t always have more fun !!

aminaked (76k image)aminaked (76k image)
With the shafting of Amanda for a spot in the top two on America’s Next Top Model Wednesday night, I felt the sting of what I felt to be the second major reality television injustice to occur in the last week. The judges said she was “too quirky” and lacked presence in person, nevermind the fact that she was definitely the most versatile and unusual of the three remaining contestants. She had also, at various points throughout the season, been accused of being a bitch, but I would chalk it up to being a 25-year-old single mother forced to live in a house with a gang of 19-year-old retards. Amanda definitely has it, and I hope she has the motivation to pursue her modelling career so she can buy her dream house. I also hope she will dye her hair back to its natural color.
While not blonde during the taping of Survivor: Vanuatu, Ami Cusack, the lesbian coffee barista from Colorado, has been blonde at least once in her lifetime, and not just blonde: blonde and naked! Her Playboy shoot is

actually irrelevant except that it explains why her boobs looked so fake and her blondeness during it lets me talk about how she deserved to win the $1 million more than stupid fat idiot Chris.
From the beginning, Ami had a mission: to unite the women and have four women in the final four. She had uncanny skills of persuasion and succeeded in holding the women together (using lesbian mind control techniques) until Scout, the other lesbian on the island, decided to turn the tables on Ami by aligning herself with Chris, the only man left standing. This would have been exciting except for the fact that Scout is a pompous, old cripple who only managed to stay in the game by making people feel sorry for her and by convincing everyone that she was “wise” because she was old and wore big earrings. To be fair, Ami did get a little big for her britches, but her overarching plan was brilliant, her execution was almost perfect, she was one of two smart people left in the game by the third-to-last episode (the other one, Julie, got voted off the following week), and she was the only thinking person to vote the right way on the final two. On the Survivor finale Sunday night, Twila got two votes for the $1 million: from Ami and Scout. Everyone else was duped by Chris’s embarassingly transparent fibbing and sucking up, but Ami voted for Twila despite their personal differences, and this is the final jewel in her crown. Too bad she can’t go buy any real jewels because she lost.
On a related note, Jennifer M. did not become the new Apprentice, but really, who thought she would anyway? I was rooting for her because she’s foxy and a bitch, but I guess the Donald has only marriage on his mind and made the more predictable choice of hiring Kelly (even though personally, I think men with women’s names should never be put in high management positions).
I’m looking forward to catching up with The OC, now that my 8pm Thursday timeslot is free. However, Wickedly Perfect looks like it has the potential to be essential viewing material (and perhaps a model for Martha Stewart’s new reality show with Marc Burnett), so I strongly urge Josh Schwartz to write in more nude scenes for Seth Cohen ASAP to hold my attention.

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