!! Bloomberg, Corzine, and gay-hating Texans !!

are the clear winners of today’s elections! Read Gothamist’s play-by-play of Bloomberg’s victory chatter and find the rest, including the results of the most expensive election race in the history of New Jersey and the success of the Christian right in the great state of Texas, on CNN. The goods news is that maybe in Maine the gay anti-discrimination law might not get repealed! YAY! I know I’ve said this before, but Canada is calling to me.
One thing I would like to say to the conservative voters of Texas: what self-respecting gay person would want to have their wedding in your tacky-ass state of neverending fatties? NOT I. That is all. I’m going to bed.
UPDATE: Maine did in fact vote to keep their anti-discrimination law. It must have been the Ogunquit contingent that tipped the scales.

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