!! Boy George enjoys boys in their underwear !!

With Paris fashion week wrapping up yesterday, I have felt contemplative about everything I’ve seen over the last few weeks. I was surprised that none of the Paris collections nor any of the Italian collections, including those from uber-fag Canadian expats Dsquared, boyfriends-turned-business partners Dolce and Gabbana, or even Karl Lagerfeld could match the gayness of what we saw in London a couple weeks back.
Boy George’s B-Rude line, now in its third season, but shown for the first time in London (maybe because he’s not allowed back to New York?), takes the gay cake thanks to George’s vision of putting “boys in clothes you wish they’d wear.”
After seeing his new fall/winter (the cold seasons) collection, I feel the need to remind George that all boys do wear underwear. They just usually wear them under trousers, especially in December.
See more of the collection after the jump.

Boy George must wish that all girls were covered in bugs. It appears that one of the bugs escaped and chewed a hole in the shirt of the model at right.
At least they have their pubes to keep them warm. Or do they?
Please note that these diagonal zippers actually make it more difficult to access the private parts. We think this idea is fun, but wish the jumpsuit at left were more carefully tailored.

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