!! Breathe easy !!

The woman with the baby carriage next to you on the subway is probably not a suicide bomber, according to federal and local officials. This Times article reports that the bombing threats from last week were a false alarm, and while the city remains in perpetual ORANGE ALERT (as it has been since 9/11 and in which it will remain into perpetuity), there will no longer be police on every train, and we can stop looking at each other so damn suspiciously. Ever since Friday morning rush hour, my fellow commuters have made me feel like a suicide bomber.
Some officials from the Dept. of Homeland Security have implied that Mayor Bloomberg overreacted to the threat. Some less official people have implied that the Mayor could be trying to generate some Hero cred before the upcoming Mayoral elections. How cynical! I’m just relieved there won’t be so many cops in the subway. I get nervous seeing people younger than me toting guns around small enclosed spaces. At least I didn’t see any machine guns this time… Talk about killer ricochet.

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