!! Brock, we knew too little of thee !!

brock (30k image)Dammit why did your dad have to screw it up for the whole family? I’m sure your mother and sister are so disappointed, and I could tell how much it hurt your 19-year-old ego… I feel for you, I really do. I am hurting almost as much as you are… I was waiting for you to traipse through the bayou in those baggy gym shorts, soaking them through so the fabric clings to your every bulge. I was waiting for you to get overheated during a challenge in a part of the world that is less temperate than Pennsylvania, thus necessitating the removal of your shirt. Maybe you have a cute post-adolescent patch of chest hair. Now we will never know. Sigh.
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2 Comments on "Brock, we knew too little of thee"

  1. Try clicking one of the links. He is among the sexiest of the Amazing Race cast this season, now eliminated.

  2. am i stupid? who is this fellow?

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