!! Bush’s second term=DRAFT !!

That is the conclusion I’ve drawn from the two bills being considered by House and Senate subcommittees, both named the “Universal National Service Bill of 2003” but popularly called the “Reinstate Draft Bill.” The great thing is that this time around, women will not be exempted, so everyone can be shipped overseas to fight in a war they don’t believe in. If you care about this, call your Senators and Representatives today not only to urge them to reject the bills S89 (in the Senate) and HR163 (in the House), but to express your profound anger at the suggestion of reinstating something so archaic and totalitarian as the draft.
Unless people start waking up to this potential reality now, we’re going to be in trouble if Bush defeats Howard Dean next November and serves a second term. This bill will definitely sit in subcommittee until after the election, but you can be sure that no matter who wins the Presidency, our military will be even more overextended than it is now, and Bush in his second term wouldn’t have reelection on his mind when making the decision to send us all over to die in the desert. This means two things: we need to generate opposition now and we can’t let Bush win in 2004. Call your Senators and Representatives right now and help get the ball rolling.

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