!! Cadinot revisits cultural exchange !!

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What happens when a pretty, young, blonde Frenchman is left to wander alone through a North African Bazaar? As we have seen in Jean Daniel Cadinot’s 1984 classic, Harem/Sex Bazaar, he gets about ten penises put inside of him all in one day. Now, think about what would happen if a young, blonde Frenchman with no money were to be welcomed for free into a sexy, gay-owned North African hotel? Nomades, Cadinot’s new film just released last month, answers this question and others. It has an especially foxy cast, especially in light of Cadinot’s recent dud releases. This clip shows lead actor Lucas Samara experiencing very warm hospitality in the hotel restroom. Now we know why he maintains that modest fuzz on his chest.

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4 Comments on "Cadinot revisits cultural exchange"

  1. hey this is a very interesting article!

  2. Ugh. My libido can’t handle being ambushed like that at 10:07 AM. Time for a cold shower.

  3. OK, I respect your anonymous right to have no taste.

  4. that was really sick! That guy is so ugly! plus i havent even herd of thos movies that came out!!!

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