!! Can you argue with Jesus? Yes. !!

bushjesus (29k image)With the war in Iraq continuing to flounder and talking heads on television continuing to spin it every which way, does any normal person still feel the need to actually have a conversation about the war? Is it worth it? Most of the people I know feel the way they feel, and there’s little point in arguing with them.
Full disclosure: I was not on the debate team in high school or college. My high school didn’t even have a debate team. I did the Scholar’s Bowl instead, which is like team Jeopardy! for high school kids. I was never one of those people who liked to “mentally spar” with others just to stimulate myself, and in fact I found such combative thinkers pretty annoying.
However, we all find ourselves in situations with conservative idiots from time to time and it’s good to have a little ammunition if they start going off on the liberal media, or how great freedom is or some crap like that. Salon has delivered the ammunition right to your computer screen: Ten ways to argue about the war. Read it, digest it, and be glad you’re prepared when you go to see the Chronicles of Narnia on Dec. 7 and have to engage your seat-neighbor Dr. James Dobson in pre-movie banter.
He will of course have already seen it at his special Christians-only screening, but if Focus on the Family and other such organizations that have endorsed the film can get over Disney’s gay-loving policies, they will probably be foregoing a few dinners at the Cheesecake Factory in lieu of extra Narnia screenings for the sake of C.S. Lewis, and of course Jesus himself. God bless Narnia!

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