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Heath Ledger has been hard at work making his new gay cowboy sex epic Brokeback Mountain, and apparently he needed a nice, nude break, or maybe these stills are from the scene where he and Jake (Gyllenhaal) forgot the lube in the pickup truck. Either way, his tall lanky man body (and associated parts) never looked so good.
See Heath, Leonardo (from one of the movies where he rises triumphantly from the ocean. Who knows which one?), Clive (Owen), and other naked men with penises in their full nude glory here, courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t! (via Nervous Breakdown)
UPDATE: The original files at ONTD have been taken down, but check out two super HQ nude photos of Heath Ledger after the jump [NSFW]!

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BONUS: To see Heath in bouncy action, check out the animated version.
(Thanks to Alan for these last two!)

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23 Comments on "Clean and famous!"

  1. This is not fair. RIP Heath Will miss you always

  2. Cut or uncut is ones momma’s choice. I just want to commend Heath on his wide aspect of acting ability. how many men can seriously play a roll of gay, Hello, its just a job! and if it did have an effect on his life I don’t think it was the reason for his eternal falling. Bless a taken talent.

  3. i.m sad to findout that heath ledger is dead. what a great actor he was.

  4. i.m sad to findout that heath ledger is dead. what a great actor he was.

  5. the poor guy is dead!!!! now will u leave his dead bulge alone!!!!!!!!!

  6. James McDonald | January 22, 2008 at 7:00 pm | Reply

    So sad to hear that Heath Ledger died today. I am in shock! He was one of my favorite actors. Yes, he was uncut. His penis is fuller in the sun (guys you know what I’m talking about) and as the head gland fills, the foreskin can go up. Leonardo DiCaprio is also uncut. Both men have had their share of dating supermodels.

  7. Heath, WOW, loved BrokeBack Mountain, was kinda sad at the end

  8. Go do a search on the internet for the Bulge Report and you’ll be able to pick up a list of all the actors who are uncut and Heath Ledger is on the list.

  9. not all aussie’s are uncut more the opposite according to most aussie’s I have talked to also travis fimmel say’s they are more than cut than not….so much for that shaun…….

  10. All I get on the link is little red x’s Can anyone fix that?

  11. He is uncut.
    Its kind of weird to me, he has sort of an older then his age, body. It reminds me of farmers I grew up around, their bods looked older then their faces!
    Jake is a weenie for not baring his.

  12. Shaun Michaels | January 28, 2007 at 6:07 am | Reply

    Hey Alan,most Aussies were always cut until about 20 years ago or so,now it’s about half/half now. Ive met lotsa cut guys,some uncut(bummer)! Most guys over 30 seem 2 be cut,under it’s debatable & yes b4 u ask I am an expert!

  13. If Shaun can’t tell that Heath is uncut (Australian after all) then all that teenage masturbation is catching up with his eyesight. LOL.

  14. Shaun Michaels | January 27, 2007 at 6:17 am | Reply

    Its hard 2 tell if hes cut or not,any ideas? Id still do em tho,looks like a grower!

  15. heath ledgers kinda ugly…

  16. yes, you don’t want to miss a day on this site…..
    frank bring the dick home and we thank him.
    jack jett

  17. Couldn’t get any of the pictures to show when I tried to link. Any suggestions?

  18. OMG, he’s naked: Heath Ledger

    I’m sure you all remember those Brokeback Mountain outtakes that showed Heath Ledger running naked. They were sort of titillating, but ultimately, because of the pose, his body and wiener looked a little too weird for the photos to be genuinely sexy. …

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    famous cocks kicks ass

  20. loves simon rex | July 23, 2005 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    Except for Simon,Ewan, and Cory, their cocks weren’t as big as I thought.Who’s dicks are your favorites? that site kicks ass.

  21. you hooked me with these amazing looking nude celebs.some aren’t as big as i thought. Keep adding them and I will check everyday!

  22. That’s awsome; thanks for the links. If anything I feel less intimidated by these guys; they just look like any number of average normal-type guys with their clothes off and bad photo quality masking their celebrity dreaminess. Kind of reassuring isn’t it? Fun.

  23. Oh there is definitely more. You’ll just have to check !! omg blog !! every day. xoxo F

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