!! OMG, it’s real: Colin Farrell’s boner !!

colin farrell naked nude penis (25k image)
I have been doubting that the now-infamously-short-lived video of Colin Farrell having sex was actually ever online.

However, there is now definitive proof that it was, and you can look at it in all its glory after the jump [NSFW]! It looks like Colin’s wiener might actually live up to all the hoopla generated during the preliminary screenings of Home at the End of the World. Of course I am reserving final judgment until the video is available online in its entirety (for free).

dirtycolin.com farrell stills captures (56k image)
Stills from the Colin Farrell sex tape preview at Dirtycolin.com
(Images: Totally Joshness via WayBig)
UPDATE: The preview video is down, but you can now download the full uncensored Colin Farrell/Nicole Narain sex tape on Bittorrent right here.

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13 Comments on "OMG, it’s real: Colin Farrell’s boner"

  1. Steven McKinney | November 29, 2016 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    Hey boys/girls…. Colin my CRUSH FOR YEARS NOW. hehehe…..
    Make you a deal, I’d love to do a three-way with any girl any guy and Collin. I thought girls to I’m hung so, get back to me babies

  2. A thick uncut big-sized cock: US males: see for youselves how a retracted foreskin uncut cock ooks like.So stop circumcising your newborn males

  3. that sex tape Colin Farrell-Nicole Narain is HOT. He has a big curved uncut cock which he sucks hungrily, and then he penetrates her pussy without using a condom: HOT but dangerous! You can also see his beautiful butts and thru slightly open legs his testicles and uncut cock, foreskin-covered in movie “Alexander”.He is really very sexual with lots of testosterone!

  4. om my god i wish i was that bitch i wish he knew me he wouldnt know what to do with me oh but i would know what to do with him and that thing of hissssssssssssssss im all sorts of worked up collinnnnnnn right here babyyyyyyyyyy! one day you’ll find me [email protected] find me baby

  5. That lucky, lucky bitch!

  6. ugh…. hes so hot im so beatin my meat at the moment

  7. theres no cum scene ! which is annoying >.

  8. Uau! Uau!!!!!!!!! I love this guy.

  9. With that nice cock he can cum VISIT me anytime….can think what i’d like to do with it!

  10. OMG, he’s naked: Colin Farrell

    Ask the Dust starring Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek Ever since the entire Internet saw his big manthing, Colin Farrell is evidently less shy about showing it off on the silver screen. I heard mutterings that he would do a full frontal scene in his upc…

  11. Its been a well circulated rumour that he ws quite impressive. Damn Low Res graininess!
    Looks tasty though…

  12. Interesting! I’m surprised it’s as large as it is–didn’t he claim to be poorly endowed?

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