!! Cultural events !!

come in many shapes and sizes. Tuesday night, as part of my three-day birthday with Grandma extravaganza, I saw Sarah Jones’ Bridge and Tunnel. Ms. Jones has a talent for impersonating different New York immigrant archetypes, such as the Jewish grandma, the young aspiring MC, the Chinese mom with the lesbian daughter, the flaky Jamaican girl, and so on. It was funny, and political in a way that was accessible (read: subversive) to my Republican grandparents, but not much so that it ceased to be entertaining. Ms. Jones’ portrayal of the Asian poetry slam champion is reason enough for you to go see it, her delivery ranging from poking fun to poignant in a matter of minutes. Meryl Streep (the producer) thinks she’s great, and I do too. Go see the show before it ends August 15.
Gothamist posted recently about a less expensive form of entertainment that is the Cole Bros. Circus. Their main act is throwing a cat fifty feet in the air and letting it land on a pillow. While I guess the humaneness of such an act is debatable, I would say it’s pretty mean and traumatizing. Now if it were a very cute French bulldog, maybe the hilarity would outweigh the cruelty. I would have to see it first.

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