!! Deja vu! !!

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The Pop Culture Junkies have come across some as-yet-unheard tapes of secret phone conversations between Katie Holmes and her parents. The calls were made by Katie from inside the Scientology Holding Center (an undisclosed location somewhere on Tom Cruise’s property), presumably while her “new best friend” Jessica Rodriguez was asleep. There is a strange likeness between these phone conversations and the ones held between Patty Hearst and her parents following her abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Looking at the two photos above, the two victims even look alike, don’t you think? (from Pop Culture Junkies)
Never one to be phased by bad publicity or bad choices, Tom Cruise is remaining defiantly happy after knocking out his front tooth while playing with his kids last month, and yesterday being photographed receiving a fat pearl necklace from an adoring fan. Tom will not let his spirits be dampened because he is now engaged to the most magnificent woman in the world (and Steven Spielberg says it’s for real).

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3 Comments on "Deja vu!"

  1. Katie- if you’re out there- please RUN now. Tom is a self-absorbed egomaniac who’s life has been so distorted by fame that he has no clue how to be a normal person- nor talk like one. He will never be able to love you like he loves himself. Leave now- or you will be totally engulfed by HIS life, HIS religion, and HIS fame.

  2. Blushing Violet | June 23, 2005 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    Wouldn’t a relationship between a rising starlet and an aging closet-case be less about love and more about love of career, despite the overkill public relations spin?

  3. and Steven Spielberg says it’s for real…
    And Spielberg said E.T. was for real.

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