!! Dieux du Stade for cheapskates !!

dieux01 (43k image)
Some kind person has taken it upon themselves to scan every single picture from every Dieux du Stade calendar and put them online. For those of you who don’t know, these are the calendars of the naked and nude French rugby players, often posed in faggy and gay ways.

I owe my morning to Fleshbot for alerting me to this site, though I had to pass by that gross picture of self-portraitist Matthias Hermann with a jockstrap on his face on the journey. I can’t help but wonder why Fleshbot is only now posting about that one-trick pony who likes to mangle his boner and lick his reflection for the camera in crafted seedy hotel environments. I thought his star thankfully faded with electroclash.

Anyway, if you can wipe those images from your mind, maybe the picture after the jump will restore your circulation. Also, if you’re interested in seeing these big-butted jocks in live, naked action, check out this video.


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4 Comments on "Dieux du Stade for cheapskates"

  1. Dieux du Stade 2007 preview

    First: I want to let you all know that postings will continue to be a little slow until next week, when they will resume their usual plentitude. Next: some pictures of sexy French footballers. I am an admitted fan of the Dieux du Stade calendars (see …

  2. link is dead… any other place to view the scans?

  3. You obviously haven’t seen Matthias Herrmann’s new book "Toscano", published by Printed Matter right here in New York!
    And what about SHOOT Magazine? Number 3 is just out!

  4. Nice, WOOOF

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