!! D-I-V-O-R-C-E should be for everyone !!

Anyone who has seen The L Word knows that lesbians get in fights way more than straight couples do, so it’s no surprise that Canada is now faced with its first petition for gay divorce, roughly a year after same-sex marriages were legalized in a few provinces. There is a media ban on details, but my heart goes out to the ladies in question, and I can only hope that nothing went down that was as ugly as Bette and Tina’s final encounter during the L Word finale last season.
On a personal note, I’m enjoying sunshine and the beach in beautiful Pensacola this weekend. I just took a little dip in the Gulf of Mexico, which is like a big saltwater pond it’s so calm, yet it’s still cool and refreshing after baking on the fine, white sand. Fire Island has nothing on this long stretch of immaculate beach; dotted liberally with chubby pink sunbathers, tan sixteen-year-old local boys, and permeated with an unflappable American spirit, there is a little bit of God in every grain of private, hotel-owned sand.

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