!! Does this man look like a Native American to you? !!

nasdijj (74k image)
On the heels of the revelations that authors JT Leroy and James Frey are frauds, the LA Times has published a very detailed report calling into question the identity of celebrated “Native” author Nasdijj, whose book The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams was a New York Times Notable Book and received a Salon book award. In a nutshell, Nasdijj is not who he claims to be in his memoirs. Rather he is a white man named Tim Barrus who had a previous career writing subpar gay erotica and ripping off Armistead Maupin. (via The Fix)
On the surface, it seems that Nasdijj appropriated his Native identity for the singular cynical purpose of selling more books, but reading entries from his blog (now deleted, but saved by the LA Times) shows that he used his newfound ethnicity to fuel impassioned diatribes against the publishing industry, and especially Judith Regan. A sample:
There is a difference though between a publisher who is just plain rude (they are all that) and the ones who are psychotic.
Like Judith Regan.
The woman is a schizophrenic with an imprint gratis of Rupert Murdoch. Nice guy. Murdoch. If you like Nazis.
I hope the Runaway Bride is a big hit for Miss Regan. She would sell you down the river for a subway token. The woman is an evil witch . . .
* * * * *
Judith Regan is a fat cow whose c*nt stinks . . .

One of Barrus’s acquaintances described him like this, “If you look up dilettante in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Tim Barrus.” I think it goes a little deeper than that. And he looks like such a nice old man!

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  1. Latest poser trying to make money by playing Indian in the publishing biz. Author of ‘education of little tree’; former KKK honcho (mentioned in LA Times article).

  2. well he may be a fake, but at least he’s right about judy!

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