!! Dogoween 2005 !!

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After seeing photos like these sometime last year, I was determined to make it to the annual Halloween parties at the Washington Square Park Dog Runs.
Thoroughly hung over from a human Halloween party the night before, I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to catch the 10am party at the small dog run (thank goodness for Daylight Savings!) and then stayed to watch the 12pm gathering and costume parade at the large run. I took some photos that could perhaps even rival the cuteness of Buddy the Wonder Dog. They are all after the jump!

Having been abandoned by Paris for a smaller model, Tinkerbell was seen stepping out this morning.

Kimberley Stewart tries to sneak into the costume contest.

Don’t be deceived by her modest frock. She isn’t wearing panties and she means business.

He doesn’t feel silly.

This Dachshund thinks Halloween is a Jewish holiday.

Apparently there was a Dog Mitzvah happening.

She is ready to fulfill your every wish.

He has Woodstock on his shoulder and a gold earring!

Here you see an Indian chief, a bee, and a dog wearing a sweater.

Pomeranians are such vain little creatures.

This big guy wasn’t wearing a costume, but I see him all the time and he is hands-down the cutest dog in New York City.

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  1. Dog Mitzvah? How about Bark Mitzvah?

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