!! Don’t be afraid to fly !!

just because this week is Mercury retrograde. As Astrobarry so eloquently says, “Due to the cancelled flight, you have been granted an extra three hours in the airport; during this time, you can catch up on reading, write a journal entry or escape into much-needed reflection on your past or visualization of your future.”

Read the rest of the article here, and read your horoscope too. I’ve never found a better astrologer.

ALSO: Watch this commercial and get mad. Then, in honor of the Republican National Convention, do your part to make sure Anal Sex Month 2004 (August) is the best ever!

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5 Comments on "Don’t be afraid to fly"

  1. I officially apologize to Prof. Cobb for not picking up on the subtle sarcasm of his comment. I’m taking him on his word that his praise for Britney was tongue-in-cheek. I, however, stand by my praise of "Toxic," and will stand by it to the grave.

  2. I hate B.S’s new song. I argree with Frank she should have retired after toxic – and that horrific Onxy Hotel "Tour".

  3. I just heard Britney’s new single today, and I’m not so impressed. I kinda think she should have retired after "Toxic" because that was really the only good song she’s ever done, and it’s a really good one.
    Anyway, glad to hear you’ve been shopping around Prof. Cobb… I hope you find the deal of the century.

  4. I can’t believe you’ve not mentioned anything about Britney’s brilliant new hit, which dropped into iTunes today: " (I’ve just Begun) Having My Fun." Disco-influence, but something very like No Doubt, circa 2002. I wasn’t sure at first (the intro is deceptive), but it has much potential not for the song of the summer, but maybe a back-to-school-hit. And I totally can relate to the lyrics. But can B? The lyrics say she still wants to shop around? But B seems to be settling down. Or, is this song revealing what US magazine has not?

  5. my horoscope tells me I should get another job which would lead to more free time in order to really enjoy anal sex month. Hmms things all seem to be falling into place!

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