!! Early reTyrament !!

tyraretire (15k image)Wanting to go out while she is “on top,” Tyra Banks will finish her modelling career tomorrow night in the Victoria’s Secret runway show (CBS Tuesday at 10pm EST). She will at some point be wearing the outfit in the photo at left, and despite their touching burying-of-the-hatchet on Tyra’s talk show, it is rumored that the crystal baton in Tyra’s hand somehow ends up in the way of Naomi Campbell’s six-inch heel. I’m not sure even that is enough to make me sit through this two-hour boobfest, but I will try just in case there is a brawl.
ALSO: Make sure you watch the season premiere of the new Project Runway this Wednesday on Bravo at 10pm EST. Check out the website for a preview of the contestants, and please share in my outrage that Bravo is pulling a CBS by allowing former loser Daniel on the show after being eliminated first in the previous season. Hopefully he learned the lesson that trash bags are never chic except when worn by Missy Elliott .

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  1. thank you! what a fucking rip off that was allowing Daniel Franco back on the show. The boy is such a fucking kiss ass, i was hoping he would be eliminated in the first round again.

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