!! Exclusive Cory Bernstein sex tape online!! !!

I have something very special for !! omg blog !! readers today. Something you won’t find anywhere else. As reported in the NY Daily News, super-famous celebrity Cory Bernstein made a jerk-off tape and mailed it around to all these agents before being picked up by David Hans Schmidt, pusher of Paris Hilton’s ultra-sexy nightvision escapade. And you all are the first to know that it is already available on the Internet! Look at screen caps here, and buy it if you must.

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4 Comments on "Exclusive Cory Bernstein sex tape online!!"

  1. Why don’t you remove these posts and leave Cory alone?

  2. Magnificent Mile Lady | October 22, 2005 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    I know Cory and his sister and we have many mutual friends. Rumor has it that Cory’s alleged boyfriend, Jamie, broke up with him and Cory is now flat broke. From what people have been saying, he’s been living off of his mother’s money and leaked this sex tape in a desperate attempt to make money. Sounds pretty sad to me that someone has so little self respect that they would stoop to this low level in order to make a buck and keep up appearances.

  3. Why even post this? The guy is a nobody. Just some crack whore trying to famous for nothing. I’ve had the "pleasure" of seeing this guy beat it for free. I’m still trying to forget it.

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