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Apparently I am ignorant and mean-spirited when it comes to Aaron Carter. Superfan “Amanda” has written to put me in my place:
I read both of your peice of shit blogs about Aaron Carter. They are both bull shit!!! You are all ass holes! You’ve probably never even met Aaron Carter, so how dare you say anything bad about him! And stooping so low as to say that he copies womens hair cuts and that you think he’s a freaking stoner?? I can name 30 actors off the top of my head who have, or have had, the same hair cut! All guys!! The girl that he was kissing in that photo, wasn’t some random chick, that was, at the time of the photo, his girlfriend!

As you should know, he is now currently with Brooke Hogan, and hopefully your shit won’t piss him off so much that he comes after you with a fat ass law suit! You deserve it cause you would loose! Asses! You don’t even know him! All you know is that you’re all jealous of his success and talent, so you see fit to bash him! You’re the stoners! Even if he were to see this, he would probably laugh his ass off! You can say what ever about him, cause he’s laughing all the way to the bank! I actually have met him, twice! He’s really sweet and down to earth. He truely loves his fans and he’s a better human being than any of you bottom dwellers will ever be! In short, you all suck and can go to Hell!!!

She is of course referring to this and this post I made over the summer. I will not argue with a fan so loyal that she breaks a sweat in Aaron’s presence (see above photo), except on one point: Aaron Carter’s lips seem quite comfortable around a big, smooth pipe.
UPDATE: Aaron Carter has an even bigger fan than “Amanda”! Megafan “Rachel” expresses her thoughts.

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4 Comments on "Fan mail!!"

  1. i love aaron everyday

  2. lmfao..he’ll "loose" eh? good thing he won’t "lose". I wonder which part of him will become "loose". clearly not his lips since he’s been told SO FIRMLY (not). Leave the guy alone. He has every right to post what he thinks, and just because he posts what he thinks does not mean he’s a bottom-feeder.

  3. sounds like what happened when i made the case for elijah wood’s faggotry… http://www.fiveoclockbot.com/blog/archives/000173.php

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