!! Fat, Lazy Americans !!

I didn’t know that the Hummer Fan Club was also the Hummer Activist Organization. Apparently they are and they’re not afraid to stand up when they feel that their big, ugly investments have been wronged. A militant environmentalist group called the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility Friday for setting fire to a warehouse full of Hummers and defacing other Hummers and SUVs with spray paint, causing $1 million in damage (what is that, like three Hummers?). In response, a small group of Hummer fans and some public officials came to protest their thoughtless acts of vandalism. I’m not sure what it is that they’re protesting exactly: vandalism in general, or vandalism of Hummers? Is it a worse crime to vandalize a Hummer because they’re so much larger than normal cars? I’m not convinced that the size of the car equals the size of the crime, and while some city councilman said that vandalism doesn’t get the message across, at least we get to read about it in the newspaper. One point for the environment!

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