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bagcheck (16k image)Random bag searches on the New York City subway yesterday signal the beginning of a new desperation to maintain order and calm in a time when there is neither enough money nor manpower to truly accomplish either effectively. The problem with suicide bombers, like the ones who blew up the WTC and the subway in London, is that they are not educated, and there are not enough police in the world to catch every brainwashed dummy with a bomb strapped to his chest trying to get on the subway in New York.
I am not making a racial or cultural argument, but rather pointing out that stupid people are the real danger. Osama bin Laden has not to my knowledge blown himself up in a suicide attack, but has sent teenagers to do it for him, which I consider to be the most cynical use of religious “fanaticism” there is. He molds young dummies into fanatics that will blow themselves up in the name of his cause, and he justifies sending these kids to their death with his very dubious faith in Islam. So if we assassinated him, would it all be over? Probably not, because then he would be a martyr, and there would be a new leader, and a whole new generation of retards would rise up in response. That’s the beauty of guerrilla tactics; it only takes a few people, and there is no central command. I doubt those boys who blew up the London subway had direct orders from OSB. Or maybe they did, but it really doesn’t matter, because there will always be people willing to blow themselves up as long as the cause exists, which brings me to my next point: George Bush also uses his faith in a cynical way.

I am not equating George Bush to Osama bin Laden as others have done, because to do so would be equating American soldiers with terrorists, which isn’t the road I’m taking. The comparison I am making is this: any person who voted for George W. Bush in 2004 for religious reasons is just as dangerous as a suicide bomber. Why?

Because they are stupid, and they are the reason Bush is elected; and Bush is perpetuating the conflict with the terrorists, and consequently inciting the attacks. All the rich Republicans are temporarily spared my criticism, because they are just greedy, and generally not stupid. The Republicans use churches as political breeding grounds in a way similar to terrorist training camps: to create politicized religious fanatics. Pres. Bush would differentiate Christian fanatics from Muslim terrorists in a black and white way using words like “good” and “evil,” but it’s really about tactics. George W. Bush has not asked anyone to strap a bomb to their chest and blow up Baghdad (if there were anything left to blow up), but there are surely countless dummies all over America who would be willing.

Do George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden believe in good and evil? Maybe they think they do, but ultimately they are just rich, cynical bastards with too much power who refuse to admit defeat. It might not be the American way to admit losing a war, but was the War on Terrorism ever a real war in the first place? It is a very real tragedy, but “terror” is not a combatable enemy, and every time something blows up we are reminded that we have lost. Admitting defeat is similar to paying a ransom, except the cost is in political, not monetary capital. George W. Bush has already won reelection and Republican credibility can’t really sink any lower. What’s the harm in giving the terrorists what they want if it could save the lives of subway commuters and save the city $2 million/week in police overtime?

Related tidbits: The BBC reports on the lives of the four London suicide bombers. Were they brainwashed? Are we living in the decade of mind control or what? Scientology, Kabbalah, whatever happened to these guys in Pakistan, and now David Lynch! Maybe the Age of Aquarius is actually the Age of the Cult.

Take the “Who Said It?” quiz! Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, or Osama bin Laden? The results might surprise you.

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2 Comments on "Fear the stupid"

  1. Right on, dude. The trouble with religion is it makes thinking ever again some kind of sin. I am closer to agnostic that atheist, but there is little in any religion, even new-agey ones, for me, as I just see "dogma as the death of reason". I forgot who said that, but they were correct.

  2. Statistics show that religious people are dumber than people without, so the "plain stupid" part of your blog is theoreticaly right.
    Just wanted to say cuz i read the whole thing and agreed even as im not involved in politics, Keep up the good work

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