!! Gas money well spent !!

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In response to the hard times brought upon America by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Lincoln has introduced its new ultra-fuel efficient* Mark LT series of luxury pick-ups. Think of it as a Navigator, but with a super practical* 3×3 ft. bed for getting all your valuables the hell out of Houston. Just toss your backgammon set and your Faberge egg collection in the back and be off to your winter home in Aspen! Sure ski season hasn’t started yet, but you don’t want to be home when the wind breaks the lanterns off the entry posts to your plantation, do you?
For an online thrill, live vicariously through a rugged* digital driver and drive the Mark LT on Lincoln’s website. Just remember to put the kids in the leather-upholstered, mega-extended cab and not in the back. That would be unsafe. And be careful out there, we are in a New Era of Hurricanes. Check out more deluxe photos of this deluxe vehicle after the jump.
* subject to interpretation

Your new settee might fit (maybe)!

Returning after a hard day at the golf course

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  1. Just when you thought rich right wingers had enough toys to drive around on their ranch.

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