!! Get your ugly pig face out of my white wedding !!

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In less than a week, we will hopefully have a new President, but let’s not forget other important elections that are taking place around the country. My personal favorite is the race for US Representative in Congressional District 4 of Colorado. Marilyn Musgrave, original sponsor of the Federal Antigay Hate Amendment, is in danger of losing the seat that she won by a margin of more than 13 points in 2002. Who is her opponent? Stan Matsunaka, the same guy she clobbered two years ago. Why the sudden turnaround? Maybe because she’s a self-righteous bigot whose mission in life is to polarize the country. Click here to learn more and help send her packing.
Also, something erotic for those of us who used to enjoy watching softcore porn on scrambled cable. Wait, I think saw a nipple!
A special update: on Ann Coulter and the act of terrorism that was committed against her. Watch the video of the event itself here!

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